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Our goal

Educate and inspire young people by playing Minecraft, that is what we aim for at Cubefields. We develop educational games and use Minecraft to teach basic tech and design skills.

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Our values

Learning through play

Get your students prepared for the future with us. Engage and involve your students in a wide range of topics varying from maths to social-emotional skills and conceptual thinking. We use Minecraft as a tool to create immersive learning environments aiming to inspire students and create an impact. We offer both online and physical lessons for schools by using the endless possibilities of Minecraft. For those teachers seeking to use a renewing and inspiring method to reach students, we provide consultancy in which one of our experts will guide you through the endless possibilities of Minecraft.

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Reach and connect

Building communities and meet new people is part of the experience for many games, and so is it for Minecraft. We organize events and workshops in which you do not only learn together, you'll collaborate while thinking conceptually and building new environments. Minecraft offers great opportunities to reach your audiance and build communities.

Build and create

Create marvelous learning environments that immerse and engage your students. Our educative games consist of fascinating worlds to explore filled with educative content. Depending on the wishes of our client we create customized lessons about any desired topic, from mathematics to history, any subject can be turned into a Minecraft world.

Together with our partners and customers, we make sure we maintain a high quality standard which is essential for any educational product.

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Our team

Thomas Bosch

Founder | Managing Director

Thomas is the founder and managing director of Cubefields. He is responsible for maintaining the companies high quality standards and leads the projects carried out by the Cubefields team.

Suzanne Hansen

Chief Science Officer

Suzanne is experienced in Education and creating impact. She has been involved in several innovative projects of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Science park and Biosciencepark Leiden.

Kaylan Glatter-Bees

Add-on creator | Builder

Kaylan is one of our builders and creates customized models to enhance the unique experience our products come with. Besides being a developer, Kaylan is also one of our trainers.

Kieran Daley

Product developer

Kieran develops new products and focusses on the final stage of the development process. By adding details and bringing all different aspects together he makes sure our products are up to the highest standards.

Sem Boneveld


Sem is one of our builders whose speciality is surrealistic and fantasy themed settings. However, no style does not suit his expertise.

Kick Borsboom


Kick customizes our learning environments and adds functionalities to our games. The interaction between the player and the game is an essential element for many of our products.

Yara Prins

Texture artist | Web design & developer

Yara is one of our texture artists and also helps with the maintenance of our website. She can design beautiful things for our team and clients, sprinkled with a touch of her own flavor. She is skilled with both design and development and has an eye for detail.

Jori Kos

Add-on creator | Mod developer

Jori is our add-on creator and mod developer. He comes up with unique ideas, can design in a lot different styles and he can make them come to life with his skills in coding

Daney Bouma


Daney is a gamedeveloper focussing on writing scripts and implementing new features for our products.

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Our clients

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Working at Cubefields

At Cubefields, we look to attract the best skilled people and the brightest minds in the industry. Hiring professionals, students and trainees in every field of expertise in our company. Our employees' passion and commitment for their work and clients make Cubefields a unique place to work at.

For our current applications and requirements, please see our careers page for the latest information.

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Contact us

If you're interested in working with us, you can always contact us through mail and/or phone.


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