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Working at Cubefields

At Cubefields, we look to attract the best skilled people and the brightest minds in the industry. Hiring professionals, students and trainees in every field of expertise in our company. Our employees' passion and commitment for their work and clients make Cubefields a unique place to work at.

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Norms and values


We strive for quality beyond perfect. We differentiate us by making unique and high quality content that is lives up to the highest standards we have.


Learning and continious self development is important to us. We strive to provide a working environment in which you can become your best self and learn from each other.


We provide flexibility to our employees. This allows them to combine their work with school, sports, social life and all other activities they might engage in.


Everyone on our team has one thing in common, they all have a passion for Minecraft and gaming. Only if you have passion for what you do, you'll become excellent.


"Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person". This quote by Albert Einstein demonstrates what it takes to excellerate in what you do, something we always aim for.


To be unique, you need to be creative. We provide our team members great creative freedom as we believe in our people.

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Applying at Cubefields

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Are you interested in joining the Cubefields Team? Awesome! Written below is a list about our requirements as well as our current open applications. If there are no open applications, you are always welcome to send us a message through our contact page with an open application.

We will review your application and will contact you as soon as possible with our decision, or if needed we will send you a message with some follow-up questions (i.e. a forgotten portfolio attachment).

We will do our best to respond to the application as soon as possible (hopefully within 5-10 business days), although it can happen that our schedules are fully packed and in that case it could take a bit longer to respond.


As we search for the most experienced and skilled people, experience in the field you apply to is the most essential to us. For that reason we always require a decent portfolio which could be filled with anything that might be of use for us. Besides a portofolio, we ask for the following:

  • - Write and speak English (Dutch is optional)
  • - Available for at least 5 hours a week on average
  • - Able to work in a team and communicate effectively
  • - Located in an EER country or the UK
  • - Passion for Minecraft

Positions are available both at our office located at H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam as well as remote.
If you do not reside in the Netherlands, we will hire you as an independent partner.

Applying for position

If you want to apply for a job position at Cubefields, please fill out the form linked below, and add your contact details, cover letter and resume and a link to your portfolio.

We will get back to you with a response as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding a position or about working at Cubefields, please see our contact details below.

Available applications

There are currently no available applications, but you are always welcome to send an open application by filling in the form linked above.

Be sure to include your contact details, resume and a cover letter, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the company, any of the positions, or about applying for a job, please be sure to contact us (see below or our contact page).

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Contact us

Below you can find our general contact details for if you are interested in working for Cubefields, or have a question for us. For more details please see our contact us page.

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