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About Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox videogame, with the ability to build anything you want

You must have heard of Minecraft before. It's the largest game worldwide with 140 million active players, which has been released in 2011, but its popularity never seized to decrease.

Minecraft offers the possibility to build and explore anything you desire, from giant realistic cities to surreal environments. You can explore worlds in survival mode by fighting monsters and building your own structures or you can play in creative mode, which gives you acces to all available blocks in Minecraft.

Image of training by Cubefields with children with a large desk and multiple computers, playing Minecraft
Minecraft build of the LUMC hospital

The endless possibilities is what makes Minecraft unique. No matter what type of gameplay you like, surviving, player versus player or building your own cities, Minecraft has it.

The community around Minecraft is very diverse, it consist of people from all around the world of ages 8 -24, sharing the same love and passion for building and exploring.

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What do we offer?

Next generation education

We offer a wide range of lessons for both elementary as well as secondary education students. Those lessons are teached by one of our experienced educators and focus on developing creative and technological skills. If you wish to have a customized lesson to meet your curriculum, we are happy to look at the possibilities.

Besides lessons for students we offer consultancy and trainings for professionals working in education seeking for a new and inspiring way to reach their students through Minecraft.

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World development

At Cubefields, we develop immersive lessons and worlds for both Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Education Edition. Minecraft is a way to engage your students with a wide range of topics, from maths to social skills. We can create a Minecraft environment for any lesson you would like to be made.

Special requests

At Cubefields, anything is possible. If you wish to organize a birthday party like you never did before with a Minecraft theme or a teambuilding session, our experts will be at your service.

If you aspire to become the best Minecraft builder in the world, we offer private training upon request. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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What is game-based learning?

In a game-based learning environment, users learn new concepts and practise certain skills in a risk-free setting. Progressing in the game is directly linked to their understanding of the subject being taught.

Game-based learning and gamification both have a significant impact on preservation and recollection of the taught subject, because of its interesting and fun way to engage and learn said subject. It also makes room for more creative solutions, collaboration and communication.

Immage of Minecraft Education Edition
Immage of Minecraft Education EditionImmage of Minecraft Education EditionImmage of Minecraft Education Edition

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