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Emma Next Gala

Charity Gala - Emma Next

July 4, 2022

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About this project

The Brief

The Emma Childrens Hospital organized a gala in order to raise money for technical innoviations in their hospitals, making a hospital visit more pleasant for children. Cubefields was asked to organize activities for the childeren attending the gala as well as to participate in the auctions by offering a workshop.

The process

After a special childerens dinner that was aranged together with the catering, the children visiting the gala had to option to participate in a Minecraft workshop we organized. During the workshop, the participants learned how to design their own ideal hospital in Minecraft, making the activity both entertaining, while at the same time getting an insight into the wishes of an ideal hospital. By the end of the evening, an auction was organized in which several excluse products and VIP experiences could be bought. One of those experiences was a Minecraft workshop organized by us for an entire class.

The result

Not one, but two workshops have been sold during the auction, both going for a price of 4.500 euro each, meaning 9.000 euro has been raised by the sale of only our workshops alone. Besides this magnificent number being donated to improve the childrens hospital, a group of children participated in a workshop that was both fun and educational.

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