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Minecraft Hospital Heroes

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About this project

The brief

Another lockdown hit the country late 2020, meaning we had to cancel all the activities we had scheduled for Christmas. Since we think in solutions, we decided to organize an online event together with our partner H20. Organizing something that would be entertaining to do for children and teens across the country was our goal, but we wanted to make it meaningful as well. This led to the idea of building a digital copy of as many hospitals in the country in Minecraft as we could, together with anyone that wanted to help us do so.

The process

We reached out to our partners to help us set up this event, Gamersfirst produced a state of the art streaming programm, 4alllevels provided suport making the activities entertaining and our educational partner Twaanlab hosted daily workshops in which participants learned about Minecraft and design. A fundraiser for people working in hospitals was set up together with a press campaign to reach a large audience of potential builders to help us as well as donators.

The result

This hard work we did around and even on christmas day led to a 9 day marathon, during which we build 23 hospitals together with around 200 builders from all across the Netherlands. A total of over 20.000 euro was raised and donated to several good causes and first-line care workers. The event has been covered in several national and even international press, leading to up to more than 14.000 views at our stream.

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