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National Heritage Day

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About this project

The brief

Each year in september, a national heritage day is organized by organisations in the Netherlands. In 2021, we were asked by Kunstlinie, one of those organisations, to help them organize an event creating awereness of the importance of accesibility for buildings.

The process

Since even modern buildings often have limited accesibilty, a newly constructed nature visitors centre with interesting architecture was copied into Minecraft 1 : 1. During the national heritage day, a workshop was organized in which young people were connected with disabled people. They discussed possible alterations for the building after investigating the limitations of the building together. After the workshop, we organized an online competition in which people had to make alterations to the building in Minecraft in order to make the building more accesible. In order to reach the best results, a community for disabled people, the architect of the building, the city council and an architectural designer have been involved as well as several experts from our team.

The result

At the end of the competions, a jury decided wich buildings were both accesible and esthetic. The best works have been presented to the council of Almere and the winners have been awarded a prize.

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