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Samsung Sessions

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About this project

The brief

Together with Samsung Innovation Campus and H20 Esports, we developed free courses for teens aiming to inspire and educate about digital skills. Both design and basic coding skills were trained during an intensive programm, hosted from the Amsterdam Esports Campus and the Go!Gaming! location in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The process

During 2 periods, a total of 300 teens from various backgrounds attended either a 3 or 8 session course, covering various essential digital skills. To make the course accesible to anyone, participating was competely free of charge. This allowed us to colaborate with several schools and homeless shelters, both at starter and advanced level.

The result

Many participants succesfully completed the sessions and have been awarded a certificate. We among the involved partners hopefully inspired many teens to take up a job in creative tech as being part of a solution for a lack of professionals in the digital industry.

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