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WAKZ Hospital Challenge

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About this project

The brief

After a large renovation lasting several years, the Koning Willem Alexander Childrens Hospital reopend. As part of their opening celebrations, they asked Cubefields to organize a Minecraft event in which children could build the new interior of the hospital. After the event, they wanted to use the digital copy of the hospital in Minecraft to make the visit to the hospital more comforting for their visitors.

The process

Before the event, we visited the hospital to make video's and photo's that could be used to help build the interior. Besides visual material, we used the architectural drawings of the building to make the digital copy even more accurate. During the online event, 24 children helped us build the interior of the hospital. All of the building as well as interviews with doctors from the hospital could be followed during a livestream from the H20 streaming studio.

The result

Not only did we organize an enjoyable activity for children, we also created a useful product for the hospital. Before an actual visit, children can become familiar with the hospital via Minecraft making them more comfortable going to the hospital.

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